Perks of Townhouse Living

In between an apartment and a single-family home lies the townhouse. Buying a townhouse provides you with benefits that you won’t find with an apartment or a freestanding home. Here are just a few! 


When you live in an apartment, you most likely will have someone living above, below, to the left, and to the right of you. Living in a townhouse eliminates at least 50% of this. When you live in a townhouse you can say farewell to having neighbours below and above and in some cases, if your home is on the end, you may have only one home next to you. No more stress about disturbing your neighbours while you go about your day-to-day activities.

Maintenance Free Lifestyle

The condo fees that you pay in congruence with living in a townhouse eliminate a lot of onus on the home owners to maintain the exterior of their home. Chalet condo fees, for example, include repainting the outer walls if necessary, repairing any exterior roof problems, deck maintenance, landscaping, garbage & recycling pick up, and best of all no more shovelling your driveway!


There’s a range to the parking options in any townhouse project. From single & double car garages, to single & double car driveways, and surface parking. Whatever the case may be, your parking will be right out your front door, or just a few steps away. It makes forgetting something in your car a lot less of a hassle, and when those winter temperatures come back you don’t need to travel far. No more taking the elevator down 10 floors to get to your ride.


All of Chalet’s townhomes come with undeveloped basements, with the option to develop. The sizes vary, but those that are larger can become another bedroom and full bathroom and add a lot more value to your home. Those that are smaller can become a TV room or playroom, or leave it undeveloped and it can just be used for extra storage. 


When you live in a townhouse you can rest easy knowing you can ‘lock & go’. Having neighbours close by creates a stronger sense of community and gets more eyes and ears on your home. If anything were to happen, chances are good that it would not go unnoticed.