A Few Decorating Tips for You

Decorating your new home is very exciting but it can also be overwhelming if it's your first time. But fret not! A few simple tips will make everything easier and your friends will think you're a pro. 

Furniture First: take a little bit of time to get comfortable in each room of your home and decide what furniture layout is going to work best for you. Once you figure out that, then you're free to decorate around it. This will save you from putting unescessary holes in your walls. 

Let's Talk Traffic: always leave 18"-24" between the coffee table and your couches and chairs. Follow this rule in any of your high traffic areas. This way you and your guests can avoid bumping into all the different furniture on your way to watch a movie. 

Hanging Drapery: your Chalet home already gives you 9' ceilings but if you want to create the illusion of an even taller space, the trick is to hang the drapery rod closer to the ceiling. 4"-6" above the window frame is usually a good benchmark. Once you've done that, measure your drapes so that they hang about 1/4" above the floor. Also, if you want to your windows to appear wider as well, pick a rod that extends about 3"-6" beyond the window frame on either side. 

Right Size Rug: rugs make a perfect accent to any room and also keep your furniture from scratching up the floors. For larger area rugs choose one that leaves approximately 12"-18" between itself and the perimeter of the room. If it's a smaller rug you're looking to put under a coffee table for instance, make sure it is large enough to fit under the front legs of all the furniture. 

Measure, Measure, Measure!: before you go shopping to decorate your new home, make sure you measure all your spaces first. There's nothing more annoying than buying your dream couch and then realizing it's too big to get through your doorway. 

Happy Decorating!!