New Homeowner Essentials

Being a new homeowner is always exciting and it's something to be proud of! Now that you're in charge of your own home do you have all the essentials? Here's a list that should help you avoid some stressful situations.

Basic Tool Kit: at the very least you should have a hammer, screwdriver, pliers & a tape measure. You may not consider yourself a handyman or handywoman but you'll be surprised how often they'll come in handy-especially when you're first moving in. 

6 ft. Step Ladder: it's not something that you'll use on a daily basis but it's definitely important to have. Maybe you need to hang art a little bit higher than you can reach or maybe you need to change a lightbulb on your 9' ceiling. Whatever the reason may be, everyone will have a use for this at some point. 

Fire Extinguisher: fingers crossed you'll never have to use it and chances are you won't-but if you do find yourself having to battle a small fire you'll be forever grateful that you had that extingusher near by. 

Extension Cord: there are a million things that you may need this for. Plugging in your Christmas lights or maybe you're doing some tool work in your garage. Whatever the reason may be an extension cord will never be a lost purchase!

2 Flashlights: flashlights are always important to have. You never know when something might happen with your city's power or if you just need to find something that fell behind your couch. Try to keep one in your toolbox or some place else that is easy to find. Also have one by your bedside table so if you have to find your way around in the middle of the night you can avoid those stubbed toes and banged up knees. Remember to stay stocked up on batteries! 

Extra Keys: most people have a spare set of keys around their house but it never hurts to give another set to someone you trust. You might lock yourself out with all your keys inside and locksmiths are expensive! OR if you have to leave town last minute there will be someonne who can check on your home for you.